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WIDS clients often have unique and varying curriculum initiatives, but all focus on their key stakeholder -- their learners. Our clients range from education organizations to business and government agencies. We consider clients partners in education, advocating for sound instructional design and accountability for student learning. Many have been WIDS clients since the company began in 1994!

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Madison College

Madison College

Transparency is important for every college—but Madison College really made it happen.  Madison uses WIDS as a central curriculum location for course competencies and assessment information.  This is a typical activity in instructional design.  Taking accountability a step further, WIDS-generated Course Outlines dynamically display on a public webpage: outline.madisoncollege.edu. An automatic refresh means that as courses are updated and revised in WIDS, so is the website.  The process is seamless and—most importantly—promotes clarity and consistency in learning expectations.

WIDS literally stores and organizes thousands of pieces of curriculum elements that can be searched and aligned for maximum efficiency. Information is logically linked and displayed for a variety of target audiences. It doesn’t matter if the initiative involves individual, institutional, or national measures.

"WIDS accommodates our needs and helps us (1) define competence, and (2) make sense of the broader, integrated curriculum and assessment landscape," says Robin Nickel, Assessment Director at Madison College. 

Madison College outlines display a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) field, indicating to the public what strategy is used for assessment of prior learning. 

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