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From DACUM to Job Book: Providing a Competency-Based Training Curriculum for your Organization


The DACUM process is used to identify the tasks performed in an occupation and help organizations and colleges develop new programs of study and curriculum for those programs with the goal of future employment for their students. In addition to curriculum development, a DACUM profile can lead to the development of a Job Book. A Job Book serves as a sort of “competency-based training curriculum,” by identifying the specific knowledge, skills, attitudes, and tools required by workers in order to correctly perform their tasks while on the job. 

"Let me tell you why we went with the WIDS DACUM process."


At Teck Alaska Incorporated-Red Dog Operations, one of the world's largest zinc mines located in the northwest Arctic Borough of Alaska, the training and development team is finding that the power of the WIDS DACUM process that incorporates the development of integrated job training through knowledgeable and experienced consultants was the solution they had been looking for.