WIDS® DACUM Facilitation Services

What is a DACUM? DACUM is an acronym that stands for Developing A CurriculUM. It uses a focus group in a facilitated storyboarding process to capture major duties and related tasks included in an occupation, as well as necessary knowledge, skills, and traits. 

DACUM is a widely used, international method of job analysis. Business and industry, the military, schools, and government agencies use the DACUM process. A DACUM provides the foundation for the development of education, training, and other performance improvement.

WIDS consultants have over 70 years combined experience in facilitation of DACUM Occupational Analysis. Our consultants provide front-to-back coordination including planning, facilitation, verification, gap analysis, and development of learning interventions.


  • Analyzing an Occuption/Job
  • Developing College Programs
  • Creating Job Books


  • Educators
  • Business & Industry Trainers
  • Government & Military Trainers

What We Do

WIDS is a one-stop shop for DACUM services.   

  • we manage the DACUM process
  • we facilitate the DACUM discussion
  • we prepare validation surveys
  • we analyize survey results
  • we use DACUM results to identify training gaps
  • we make recommendations for curriculum design

WIDS certified DACUM facilitators can conduct a traditional face-to-face DACUM or use our RAPID DACUM process to conduct a virtual DACUM. Interested in WIDS helping you with your DACUM? Contact us!


With over 70 years of combined experience of DACUM facilitation among our WIDS consultants, we have facilitated hundreds of DACUMs for a variety of clients.

When workforce shortages and travel restrictions made it difficult for many employees to conduct a traditional DACUM, WIDS streamlined the process into a practical three-hour virtual session with using convenient online tools.

Designing the Future Workforce using RAPID DACUM

Using Rapid DACUM to Design Programs of Study

DACUM Resources

DACUM and the WIDS Software

DACUM results can be loaded into the WIDS Software to design programs, courses, and training. The software is an easy way to generate a variety of curriculum maps and Course/Training Outcome Summaries.

  • DACUM duties can be imported as program outcomes
  • DACUM tasks can be mapped to courses using the matrix tools
  • DACUM tasks can be linked to course competencies or student learning outcomes
  • The knowledge, attitudes and trends collected during the DACUM provide performance standards and learning objectives