TEST TEST Learning Plan 1: Identify the scope of the Site Administrator Role.

    1.1.    document site administrator role responsibilities
    1.2.    differentiate between organization, site, program and course
    1.3.    identify business procedures associated with WIDS
    1.4.    type text into textboxes
    1.5.    enter text from outside sources
    1.6.    use HTML tools in WIDS
    1.7.    import content from bank or library
    1.8.    reorder gridrows
    1.9.    sort gridrows

    Learning Objectives
    1.a.    Examine the site administrator role.
    1.b.    Identify edit functions in WIDS.
    1.c.    Relate WIDS functions to business procedures.


Learning Activities

1.  REFLECT upon the reasons you are implementing WIDS.  Write down your goals and your college or school expectations of WIDS.  

2.  LOCATE the main navigation links on the left side of Your WIDS site.  Make note of the functions only available to site administrators, such as SITE.  

3.  IDENTIFY the responsibilities for your specific WIDS site.  Consider organization procedures, existing roles and responsibilities, and unmet needs.  This is not an exhaustive list, and will likely be modified as you Site Administrator expertise increases.  Capture these responsibilities on the Site Administrator Checklist found HERE.  

4.  READ pages 8-11 of the Site Administrator Guide provides, reviewing the functions and features available to Site Administrators.  Your site may be customized by WIDS already, so make note of functions supported outside your role as a Site Administrator.  Contact your WIDS Consultant with questions.

5.  VIEW video exploring data entry and edit options in WIDS.  Click HERE to launch the video.  

6.  READ pages 12-13 covering the editing functions in WIDS. You will use the edit functions in future activities. 

7.  PRACTICE using the various editing functions in WIDS, including manual entry, copy-paste from other data sources, and reordering grid rows.  Become comfortable adding, editing, and deleting information in WIDS.  This is often a first point of support to other users.

8.  MOVE to the next applicable Learning Plan.  Contact your WIDS Consultant for additional guidance.


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