WIDS® Curriculum Software

For over 25 years, WIDS clients have built their programs and courses under one roof in our curriculum management system. Each customized site is a state-of-the-art, online platform that gives your organization an efficient way to design, align and manage curriculum.

WIDS® Software Features

Design Features


  • Define outcomes at every level
  • Design program and course performance assessment tasks
  • Streamline development with libraries of re-usable data
  • Create learning-centered learning plans and teaching plans
  • Develop common course outlines and syllabi for approved courses
  • Customize data fields and templates for your organization's needs
  • Develop, review, and approve curriculum components
  • Create documentation for learning and assessment purposes


Alignment Features


  • Map organization and program outcomes to courses
  • Identify learning gaps
  • Align curriculuim to national, state, and accreditation standards
  • Plan assessment aligned to outcomes




Management Features


  • Manage project roles, approvals, expirations
  • Customize view, edit, libraries, and more
  • Archive syllabi
  • Store and link related curriculum documents
  • Generate course, program, and organization-wide reports





Licensing Options

WIDS offers four license levels from single user to a full site .

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