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Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth
Categories: Curriculum Mapping

Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY) is a nonprofit dedicated to identifying and developing the talents of academically advanced pre-college students around the world. The CTY team partnered with WIDS to review and analyze over 100 courses and align learner activities to several national standards. This was a large four-phase project involving several WIDS consultants with expertise in science, math, programming, literature, writing, and social sciences spanning Grades 3-12.

Phase 1. Project planning deliverables included:

• Curriculum Alignment Report Template

• Standard set formatting requirements 

• Identified team of JHU CTY-identified SMEs for each language and content area

Phase 2. Compile Resources and Information:

• Formatted standards sets ready for curriculum alignment and upload to Moodle

• Curriculum Alignment Report Templates for each course

Phase 3. Analyze and document Curriculum Alignment with designated Standards Sets 

• For each course, analyze course information, lesson activities, learning materials, and assessments to determine alignment with designated Standards Set(s)

• Obtain SME clarification on course curriculum documentation as needed

• Document alignment analysis results in the Curriculum Alignment Report Template for each course 

• Completed Curriculum Alignment Analysis Reports for each course

Phase 4. Link required course items (i.e. outcomes, competencies, competency frameworks, and assessment items) with national standards

• Upload Standard Sets to Moodle

• Locate relevant course items in each Moodle course

• Link items to standard statements according to the results of the Curriculum Alignment Analysis

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