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WIDS, DWD YA Modernization and Beyond
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WIDS, DWD YA Modernization and Beyond

Back in 2019, WIDS Consultants began work with the DWD Youth Apprenticeship (YA) team on a three-year plan to modernize their programs and this past summer, the modernization of 75 YA program pathways was completed!

When Wisconsin high school juniors and seniors headed back to school in the fall, they had access to fourteen new occupational pathways thanks to the partnership between DWD YA and WIDS. Over the course of the last three years, DWD YA and WIDS updated and validated competencies and performance criteria in all 14 occupational pathways. Now students have an increased number of certificates they can earn and they complete the program confident they have the skills needed to help bridge into registered apprenticeships, college programs, or go directly into the labor market upon high school graduation.

What’s next in Wisconsin’s youth apprenticeship, you ask? It’s NEXT GEN. NEXT GEN is a two-year project where DWD YA is developing 5 new areas for youth apprenticeship. WIDS consultants will be there the whole time performing occupational analysis and employing instructional design practices ensuring Wisconsin YA programs successfully meet the current and future needs of statewide industry.


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