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WIDS Beyond the Classroom
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WIDS Beyond the Classroom

WIDS is all about curriculum. Designing, mapping, building assessments and creating supporting documentation of student learning outcomes is the heart of WIDS. This information recently proved valuable for one WIDS user.

Moraine Park Technical College (MPTC) recognized the demand for learning opportunities beyond their boundaries. A long-standing relationship with the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh (UWO) needed a refresh to ensure MPTC graduates received credit for coursework completed in an associate degree program.

Among the 2023 Transfer Roadblocks highlighted by the Higher Learning Commission is the absence of well-outlined articulation agreements. MPTC and UWO collaborated to revise and create new, detailed articulation agreements. Building these opportunities began with faculty from both colleges examining the details captured in MPTC Course Outcome Summaries.

MPTC faculty shared WIDS-generated course outcome summaries, highlighting the skills and knowledge taught in each course, with their university colleagues. This documentation previously reserved for internal faculty and students provided a clear look into the course expectations of each of the degrees.

The course outcomes, paired with course syllabi and program outcomes, served as a foundation for collaborating. The faculty quickly identified course to course equivalencies, as well as piecing together portion of courses not directly aligned between colleges.

The result is revised and additional college articulation agreements, increasing the upward transfer options for MPTC graduates continuing their educational goals with UWO.

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