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The Path to Better Jobs
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The Path to Better Jobs

Meet Sam. Sam works full-time.  He sees the job as a dead end and wants to do something else with his life. He’s good with tech and has helped friends fix their laptop problems, but Sam has no credentials.  He takes two courses at night and gets a Help Desk Certificate.  After one semester he gets a better paying job as a Help Desk Technician at a company near his home.

Sam likes the company he works for and wants to stay there. Sam likes helping people, but what really interests him is working with operating systems.  After taking two more courses, he becomes a Desktop Administrator.  Now he’s making an additional $15/hour.  He loves it.  He’s a problem solver! His boss tells him the company will pay for Sam to take additional coursework in security.

Sam has really moved up -- just by taking four courses. 

None of this would be possible if his college did not design courses and certificates with career pathways in mind.  This design work can mean rethinking lower-level courses in a way that prepares students for higher level courses.  Prerequisites, courses and electives that are designed with pathways in mind can inspire students and professionals to grow their life-long skills.  WIDS gives colleges the technology and consulting skills to make pathways clear to learners.  With great documentation, students can see their futures!


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