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Designing the Future Workforce using RAPID DACUM
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Designing the Future Workforce using RAPID DACUM

Wisconsin is a leader in registered apprenticeship.  While apprenticeship is traditionally in the trades, Wisconsin is growing its programs to include IT, healthcare, and transportation.  “Industry drives registered apprenticeship, so we need industry to tell us what apprentices need to learn,” says Owen Smith, Senior Analyst Wisconsin Apprenticeship. 

DACUM (Developing a CurriculUM) is the gold standard for job skill analysis.  This effective, low-cost method uses high performers within an occupation in a focus group process.  Traditional DACUMs require 1-2 days of face-to-face meeting with employers.  Workforce shortages and travel restrictions made that difficult for many employers in the last year.  

As a result, WIDS streamlined the traditional DACUM process to smoothly pivot the practice. The innovative Rapid DACUM is doable in a three-hour virtual session with user friendly online tools.  WIDS facilitators draft job duties and tasks using existing workforce information, previous DACUM information, and faculty input.  Then during a virtual meeting, subject matter experts use easy online tools to determine consensus and modify tasks.  No travel time needed.

“We’ve used WIDS to facilitate DACUMs for us for over a decade” says Smith.  “WIDS skillfully facilitates industry through the process of identifying and agreeing on what they do.  It is not an easy feat to have a roomful of experts agree—but they make it happen.  WIDS guides them through the DACUM masterfully.”   

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