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Navigating Through Apprenticeship Development
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Navigating Through Apprenticeship Development

New apprentices are emerging in non-traditional apprenticeship fields, requiring thorough and rapid development to help fill a growing skills gap. But, once funding has been granted to an organization for apprenticeship oversight, it requires collaboration between stakeholders and subject matter experts, business and industry, and education. WIDS consulting brings years of expertise in curriculum design and project management. Navigating through the DACUM process, virtual and face-to-face meetings, project management, and curriculum development is exactly what they do.

WIDS has worked with the state of WI—DWD-BAS and colleges in the Wisconsin Technical College system to design apprenticeships in the following areas over the last few years:

  • Information Technology apprenticeships: Cybersecurity, Data Analyst, Help Desk, and Software Developer
  • Health apprenticeships: Medical Assistant, Community Health Worker, Pharmacy Tech
  • Advanced manufacturing apprenticeships including Mechatronics

The WIDS apprenticeship program facilitation process includes the following essential facets: 

  • Project management—Meeting management, project timelines, and  process plans
  • Project facilitation:  Including collaborations with multiple partners such as DWD, College, and Employer groups
  • DACUM: Occupational Task Analysis to set the stage for apprenticeship design by identifying duties and tasks
  • Related Instruction Development:  Laying out courses for related instruction using a sound performance-based instructional design model

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