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WIDS Instructional Design Model

WIDS Instructional Design Model

Performance-based curriculum

The WIDS Model, underlying philosophy, software, and training all focus on the development and implementation of performance-based learning. It connects the development of explicit performance expectations and targeted assessments with the design of teaching and learning strategies that take into account how people learn. The result is effective curriculum across all environments, all disciplines (academic and technical) and in all delivery modes (classroom, worksite, distance learning, online, etc.).


Competency-based learning

Educators built WIDS as a model to guide the design of competency-based learning both at the course and program level. The power of the Model comes from synthesis. Drawing on proven research and best practices, it connects performance-based assessment with brain-based teaching and learning. The Model systematizes a strategic plan for learning design. Guiding designers to answer the WHO?, WHAT?, WHEN?, and HOW? of learning, it provides a uniform, yet flexible design framework with consistently high standards.

Norm-based vs. Competency-based Learning

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