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Lynn Neitzel
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Lynn Neitzel

Lynn Neitzel brings over 30 years of experience working in education, from K-12 through Higher Education as a teacher, curriculum and assessment specialist, instructional designer and most recently serving as the Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at Blackhawk Technical College (BTC).  She began her career teaching high school French and Japanese, transitioning to the elementary school level to teach Japanese and lead a design team of teachers who implemented an innovative K-12 World Language program in Spanish, German and Japanese.  The uniqueness of this programming gave Lynn firsthand experience designing curriculum and assessments that aligned to local, state and national standards.    When she transitioned to her role at BTC in 2013, she supported faculty and leadership in the colleges’ academic curriculum as well as co-curricular programming and assessment of student learning processes and practices.  This role brought focused attention to the design of programs with the “end in mind”, leading to the development of solid program and course level learning outcomes aligned with institutional level learning outcomes and sound evidence from assessment of student learning.  Lynn’s ability to work with internal and external stakeholders across the college led to expanded roles in leadership to prepare for program and college level accreditation, program DACUM, local Career and Guided Pathway Model development and grant curriculum projects.  As more attention to course design and delivery came to the college, she developed and lead a team of instrucitonal designers that supported faculty with their design of flexible learning environments in multiple modes of course development and delivery.

Being trained in K-12 education, Lynn was no stranger to developing learning outcomes tied to standards and integrated into course design, as well as quality improvement efforts based on data analysis.  Therefore, in her role at the college, she quickly embraced the power of WIDS to “organize, outline and align” learning across various levels to ensure students had equitable and accessible learning experiences.  Supporting faculty through instrucitonal design efforts included using WIDS as a tool to ensure that learning “made sense” to not only faculty, but remained transparent for the learner at all levels.

As a consultant, Lynn offers curriculum, assessment and instructional design along with teaching and learning expertise.  She brings the most recent “user experience” with the WIDS curriculum management application as a former WIDS Site Administrator to the team.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) from UW Oshkosh, Bachelors Degrees in PK-12 Education and French From UW LaCrosse and in Japanese Language from Beloit College.  She is a certified Peer Reviewer through Quality Matters and a graduate of the Wisconsin Leadership Development Institute (WLDI).

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WIDS By The Numbers

WIDS By The Numbers

  • 5000+ hours on business/government training projects
  • 1000+ curriculum development projects
  • 1500+ course alignments to state/national standards
  • 200+ Technical Skill Attainment curriculum project
  • 100+ courses reviewed for grant-based criteria
  • 160+ years instructional design experience
  • 25+  organizational years implementing curriculum best practices