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Do you have a curriculum grant project? Perhaps you’d like assistance on program review and assessment planning to meet accreditation requirements? WIDS consultants have worked with a diverse group of organizations and projects. We look forward to working with you soon!

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Good Samaritan College of Nursing & Health Science

Good Samaritan College of Nursing & Health Science

WIDS partnered with Good Samaritan College on two projects. Both involved curriculum updates.

  1. For the Nursing Alignment Program project, WIDS led program review, revision, and re-alignment of AASN and BSN Nursing programs to meet updated college credit requirements. Project activities included leading key steps, such as:
  • Project planning webinar(s) with project leadership.
  • Two-day on-site Alignment Meeting with program faculty to:

o Reduce AASN from 72 credits to 65 credits

o Re-align credits with the BSN program

o Review and revise course competencies for all AASN and BSN courses to support program re-alignment

  • Follow-up webinars as needed to continue the program revision process
  • One-day on-site Alignment Meeting to finalize program alignment and implementation plan.
  1. For the Medical Assistant (MA) Program Revision and Hybrid Course Development project, WIDS worked on the revision of the MA program to establish a certificate program that ladders into an Associate Degree program. Project activities included:
  • Facilitating project planning webinar(s) with leadership and on-site work session to develop the laddered program, revise standards-driven program outcomes, and define course competencies, performance standards, and learning objectives
  • Developing learning plans, learning materials, and assessments in support of hybrid delivery for nine three-credit courses
  • Facilitating one-day on-site Curriculum Roll-Out and WIDS Training session for Medical Assistant Faculty and Instructional Design Staff to access curriculum and develop course syllabi
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