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Teaching Plans for Trainers

Teaching Plans for Trainers

Teaching and learning plans are a staple for workplace trainers. Whether you are teaching a 3-day workshop about new software, a 2-week employee training course, or an online leadership in business fellowship – WIDS can help.

WIDS partnered with Care Coordination Systems to develop training for Community Healthcare Workers (CHW) in several states. The project included a gap analysis of state requirements for CHW. WIDS consultants also updated existing curriculum, revised competencies, and created teaching and learning plans for face-2-face delivery of CHW training.  Like many organizations that provide contract training, Care Coordination Systems, needed teaching and learning plans that could be followed in a consistent way by all trainers.  Trainers also needed to stick to a schedule. And while classroom delivery of training can often hold time-sucking or time-expanding surprises, well-documented teaching plans can cover all bases by estimating time for each learning activity.

Metropolitan Community College in Nebraska uses WIDS software to design training for business and industry in their Workforce Innovation Division.  In addition to course outcomes, Metropolitan also uses WIDS to develop teaching and learning plans.  The teaching notes include introductory comments and key points for discussion and class videos, and directions for creating whiteboard toolboxes.  Learning materials are also documented, either with external links, or links to uploaded learning materials stored in WIDS.  According to Instructional Systems Designer Kim L. Whiteside, “The ability to align every aspect of the instructional design process to industry standards has been invaluable to the instructors of courses and workshops, our students, and our industry partners.”

Black Girl Ventures (BGV) partnered with WIDS to develop learning and teaching plans for their online training programs in support of Black/Brown female entrepreneurs. The learning and teaching plans enabled BGV to scale up their training and use multiple trainers. BGV and WIDS developed a curriculum for a nine-month fellowship to expand the capacity of early-stage entrepreneurs. The fellowship training included both synchronous and asynchronous learning activities.

Need help in creating learning and teaching plans? Download the Learning Plan Checklist to get started writing your own learning plans.  Or contact WIDS (info@wids.org) for a development project.

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