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Four Pillars of Learning Activities
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Four Pillars of Learning Activities

There are four major principles that govern the design of effective learning activities.

1. Ensure validity and value

  • Addressing target competencies and core abilities
  • Using competencies and learning objectives as cues for the design of learning activities and as checks for learner targets

2. Support the thinking process

  • Choosing learner-centered learning activities
  • Chunking instruction
  • Providing frequent elaborative rehearsal
  • Focusing on the “use” level rather than the remember” level
  • Alternating informing with practice
  • Building in metacognitive supports

3. Vary strategies

  • Choosing strategies appropriate to content type
  • Progressing through all stages of the learning cycle: motivation, comprehension, practice, and application.

4. Embed core abilities

  • Choosing learning activities that require learners to use core abilities
  • Selecting learning materials and resources that represent core abilities

Consider the criteria for well-developed learning plans. Download the free WIDS Learning Plan Checklist.