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Design in WIDS - Deliver in Blackboard
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Design in WIDS - Deliver in Blackboard

Streamlining curriculum delivery? It’s a challenge when curriculum is designed on one platform, then delivered to learners on another. If those two platforms don’t talk to each other, curriculum management can be a tangle of duplication, conflicting course versions, and outdated information.  

Fortunately, this is a problem with a solution. With the new WIDS to Blackboard Building Block, your design and delivery process is a snap. You can design learning plans, learning materials, assessment tasks, scoring rubrics and syllabi in WIDS and deliver them to your learners in Blackboard. Worries about version control are a thing of the past. No more copy-and-paste. No more outdated documents.

See how WIDS 'talked' to Blackboard and contact us to learn more about our instructional design and curriculum managemenet system.