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Can a DACUM work for my organization?
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Can a DACUM work for my organization?

So, what exactly is a DACUM and how do I know if it will work for my organization?

DACUM stands for: Designing A CurriculuM – The name indicates the most obvious time to conduct a DACUM is when you are designing a new program. However, a DACUM can also help you answer questions about an occupation. The DACUM process helps you identify where specific skills are needed for an occupation or when employees should be trained. Below are three examples of when a DACUM will benefit your organization.

1. When you are defining a new job or position. 

As an example, your organization has decided that you need a Chief Happiness Officer. That new position needs a position description to go along with it. Use a DACUM to get everyone in the same room to brainstorm what a Chief Happiness Officer will do in your organization! Creating a job description with very clear duties and tasks required by a Chief Happiness Officer will entice high quality employees to apply. They know what will be expected of them and what skills they need when they apply for the job!

2. When a job has changed over time or someone is retiring and it needs to be redefined.

Damon has been with the organization for 20 years and his job of Wizard of Light Bulb Moments has evolved over his tenure. A DACUM will gather Damon’s workplace knowledge and capture a job description that accurately reflects everything Damon does.

3. When you want to design a training program.

As an example, to obtain the job of Interwebs Mechanic, your employees need training on several occupation aspects over a set timeline. A DACUM will help you design a training program for your employees to assist them with becoming the best Interwebs Mechanics they can be. By dividing the DACUM tasks into years, you can train your employees on skills A, B, C the first year. Then, you can lay out the remaining training required for an occupation over a period of several years to move employees from novices to experts.

There are many times a DACUM is beneficial to all types of organizations. Want some help in figuring out if a DACUM will work for you? Contact us at WIDS! We are experts in DACUM facilitation.

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